The big winner of the free market, the spurs became summer will pull marcus - lamarcus aldridge recruit enter an item in an account, their strength. CBS sports team report very bullish on their summer, but the spurs can rob back once belonged to their championship trophy?

Last season the first round to stumble, and in a year ago, the reigning way by halves. The SAN Antonio spurs from these mistakes and decide to get into a big action, no longer rely only on Tim Duncan, Tony parker and manu ginobili the old combination, lamarcus aldridge were brought in from the free market. The core of the spurs also retained the young players, locking kauvar Iraq - Leonard and Danny green, etc.

Lamarcus aldridge's arrival, not only make the spurs "after Duncan" era, with the protection at the same time also has the strength of the title immediately next season.

Mainly increase: marcus - lamarcus aldridge (free agent signing), David west (free agent signing), ray - mike Karen (trading) from the king, the JiMoEr - Fred's (free agent signing), Jonathan - simmons (free agent signing) and class - Ma Yang Norwich (international) free men.

Main attrition: aron - banes (the piston), Marco - berry (the king), Corey Joseph (to the raptors) and tiago, splitter (trading to the eagle).

Lamarcus aldridge can bring?

Without a doubt, lamarcus aldridge to after the spurs will make them more powerful. However, don't fantasy can into the team from the start, the two sides need a running-in process.

In Portland, lamarcus aldridge cic is stable, and can cause damage in the basket, as the top scoring option of Portland. In SAN Antonio, mainly through their chances to fast ball, make space on the pitch, rather than relying on a player. This makes lamarcus aldridge must take some time to adapt to, but he is cheap LaMarcus Aldridge jerseys online a clever player, obviously has the ability to adapt.

Lamarcus aldridge don't a person to deal with, gregg popovich and spurs the coaching staff will help him. With Duncan and lamarcus aldridge and will learn many things from him. The spurs can let lamarcus aldridge carry the burden of part of the attack, but wait for him to finish, over a period of time.

The spurs' starting five tiger may be the strongest alliance, but the depth?

Popovich habit let start many days off, and this dependence on the bench is very strong. SAN Antonio signed lamarcus aldridge, leaving after Leonard and green, cap space is occupied to about, in desperation, the spurs abandoned aron - banes, Marco - berry and Corey Joseph and others. Three people play a special role in the SAN Antonio spurs, the spurs have to improve on this.

To a championship, David west, who jump out of the contract with the indiana pacers, by joining the SAN Antonio spurs veteran base salary. In order to replace Joseph's vacancy, the SAN Antonio spurs thunder - mike Karen is obtained by trading, as a third point guard, he should be a good choice.

Jonathan - simmons in Las Vegas summer league play, become the MVP, the spurs gave him a contract for two years. He become the points of perimeter threat the SAN Antonio spurs, replacing berry in color. He is not only a fearless, after scoring is a tenacious defensive player of the same, will play an important role in the spurs' second unit. Bo class - Ma Yang Norwich, playing time may not be much, but as cheap San Antonio Spurs LaMarcus Aldridge jerseys a backup center, he is 2.21 meters height is a great threat.

So, the spurs' bench is not a problem, because in their bench, original have ginobili, Boris diaw, Betty mills and kyle - Anderson, summer wholesale LaMarcus Aldridge socks league performance.

The spurs' weakness is center. But when Tim Duncan and lamarcus aldridge is present during the break, they can let west and dior. It is the only spurs, but considering the dior can play power forward and center, so is not big problem.

Can the spurs in the western powers once s?

In a nutshell, yes. Lamarcus aldridge's arrival, the spurs have the league's top line-up. Duncan may be old, but also into the all-star last season, look can also play a few years. Tony parker last season's performance is not particularly good, but could be big three combination for the last time this season, he may be affected by the stimulus. Leonard was the best defensive player, every year in progress. Green defense is good also, three points and a player.

The spurs also enough depth, has the potential to complete the young simmons and Anderson, also has experienced veteran dior and wes special people. All cheap LaMarcus Aldridge jerseys china of these, plus the wily gregg popovich, the spurs is not western s are difficult.

Of course, the spurs will also encounter a strong opponent. Warriors are still strong, the clippers also has improved, and the rockets will to muddy water.

However, on paper, the spurs have everything before the start of the season.

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